Mshoga Mpya

Mshoga Mpya, or the New Homosexual (2014)

The title of this piece refers to the historical presence of same-sex desire in Africa. It refutes the wildly held belief that homosexuality comes from the West. Mshoga is the word for homosexual in Kiswahili. The piece is a performance and installation that has a quality of impermanence. Just like the stories and the spaces I investigated, as well as queerness itself, the black and white bricolage cubicle is fleeting and fluid. Made out of found wood, the cubicle is painted in black board paint and the chalk writing is easily erasable. The textual map on the ground tells travel stories of queer spaces in Nairobi. The performances take place inside the cubicle. The oeuvre of performances is taken from interviews of queer individuals in Nairobi as well as auto-ethnographic material. They are all one-on-one performances.