4 yr old temptress

Four-Year-Old Temptress? (2017)

This is a commissioned work for the exhibition, ‘Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power’. The piece was inspired by numerous perspectives: Firstly, the rich archive of Chantal de Smet, of Kenyan newspapers from 1985; secondly, a documentary of the conference Forum 85 that was held in Nairobi, by Françoise Dasques; and last of all, the simple question posed to Abe by the exhibition’s curators, namely, “did your mother go to the conference?”

The video offers a peek into Abe’s struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder the result of a childhood rife with abuse, as she recalls where she was in 1985.

The installation invites the viewer to examine oneself through the replica of a mirror that hangs in Abe’s mother’s house.